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[WANTED] Sprite Design Required

Last post 6/7/2010 12:35 PM by Jim Perry. 1 replies.
  • 6/6/2010 6:44 PM

    [WANTED] Sprite Design Required

    Contact Information



    The project that I am working on is a "top down" zombie/monster shoot em up. I plan to have the main arcade mode where zombies/monsters increase in numbers and strengths as the game progresses, a co-operative mode where players can go through the arcade mode together and and possible a death match mode where players can fight each other.

    Looking For

    I need some "top down" view sprites created. I need one for the main character with different weapons and basic walking animation. I also require three or four zombie/monster sprites with just a walking animation.

    I can't offer any money at this stage because Im an independent developer working on my own in my spare time but I can certainly put you in my credits to advertise your work a little.

    If anyone could assist with this I would appreciate it greatly.

    Current State

    I have not started to develop this game yet its just an idea in my head at this stage. I am an independant developer working on my own and will be working on this in my spare time.

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    Re: [WANTED] Free Sprite Design

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