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[OFFERED] Techno/Dnb/Orchestral/Ambient Composer - Small Cost!

Last post 6/5/2010 9:27 PM by BudGPstudios. 0 replies.
  • 6/5/2010 9:27 PM

    [OFFERED] Techno/Dnb/Orchestral/Ambient Composer - Small Cost!

    Hello, I've been needing some sort of cash income to start producing my games with better quality, and decided that I should try to compose music for people to use in their games. I can compose a song in most genres of EDM (Electronic dance music), Orchestral film score style peices, Ambient tracks, Drum and Bass, and Industrial. Here's a link to my portfolio I put on the website for my RTS Project I haven't been able to take any music composition or training classes (I'm not to college yet, and I don't consider band class to count as much), but I've had roughly 6 years experience with music and composing.

    Cost and Time Quota (Completion date estimations are subject to change depending on the amount of comissions I have.):

    1 minute or less - 10 $ - expect a finished song within a day or two. (A really short loop could be negotiated to 5 $)
        - A package of 2 or 3 "1-min or less" songs could be done for 15$

    1:01 to 2 minutes - 15 $ - expect it within a few days.

    2:01 to 3 minutes - 20 $ - within a week.

    4 minutes and up - 25 $ - within two weeks (add an extra week and 5 $ for every minute past 6 minutes)

    -Hiring me to simply just be the audio producer for your game can be price negotiable.

    Unless business is really good, I will no longer be doing comissions on August 25th.

    If you'd like me to make a song for your game, reply to this post and/or email me at , with a brief description of your game, what you want the song to sound like, how long you want the song (and how many songs), and the price you'd be willing to pay. Crediting my name SethJH (BudGPstudios) in your game would be appreciated. I will not ask for a portion of your game's income, simply just pay me at the time I give you the song file. (I don't want to compose music for a game and not get paid because it never gets finished)

    -BudGPstudios (SethJH)

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