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Language Issue

Last post 12/13/2009 2:35 PM by Runway 360. 5 replies.
  • 11/19/2009 10:49 PM

    Language Issue

    [Content deleted by the original poster (myself)] Thanks for relocating my posts. But it gets easy to be spotted
    by the part of the community which I don't want to antagonize. I don't want to be infamous in the Internet for doing
    right things.
  • 11/19/2009 11:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Evil Checklist Discussion Thread

    I wasn't quite clear in my previous comment.
    As soon as the update hit the marketplace on Nov. 18, I filed a report against this version of the game marking "Inappropreate for Xbox LIVE."
    If any of you think that compliance with rules come first and harmony next (not vice versa), I suggest you follow me.

    At some time I was defending fellow Japanese developers/peer-reviewers. But I was not expecting this level of lax peer-reviewing.

    Speaking of other titiles, I wonder why peer-reviewers are so obedient to developers.
    Though it is not always the case. Following attitude is rampant amoung peer reviewers.

    Reviewers find errors. But they pass games.

    Reviewers post in the forum. Mentions about errors and ask the developers if the errors are errors.

    Developer makes explanation/opinion.

    Reviewers don't make refutation. Developer doesn't take down his game from peer-review.

    The game passes.

    The developer corrects the bug in the next update.

    Neither developer nor peer-reviewer knows an error means an immediate fail.
  • 11/19/2009 11:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Evil Checklist Discussion Thread

    I've let Microsoft know.. they will decide the course of action. Which is the game?

    As for the lax reviewing, saldy since none of us MVPs speak Japanese its hard for us to police the Japanese threads. We heard rumor of Japanese MVPs but have not been able to get in touch with any of them

    All you can do is lead by example. When you find an error explain and fail the game. Eventually people will learn and follow your example. Let them know that Microsoft can and do punish reviewers who do not do their job.

    If you see specific issues (in ANY game, not just Japanese) where people note a fail reason and then pass the game then please let me know the mods try to cover all the threads but to be honest its hard to catch eveything. My email is in the sig if you dont want to do it in public. Microsoft are more than happy to send warnings and bans if people are not following the rules - they will get the hint quite quickly if their $99 subscription is on the line.
  • 11/20/2009 12:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Evil Checklist Discussion Thread

    Well since I linked Microsoft to your post now they cant act since you removed the details and I didnt copy them...

    If you dont want to do this in public then email me or i know you want to stay anonymous or something so setup a throwaway gmail account... Not that I have any interest in telling people who you are, but the whole secret agent thing really doesn't help with communication or get anything done.
  • 11/20/2009 3:11 AM In reply to

    Re: Language Issue

    Runway 360:
    I don't want to be infamous in the Internet for doing right things.

    That's a bad thing to be infamous for?!? Why are you worried about doing the right thing?!? You're only hurting the community by trying to be a secret agent. :(
  • 12/13/2009 2:35 PM In reply to

    Re: Language Issue

    This time, the only English words used in a game are start, back (button names), soft
    (one of the words consisting the name of development team) and milk.

    Of course, I failed it cementing my reputation as a party pooper.

    My common sense had told me that the game was 100% Japanese. Also, some article on the CCO had said
    "When in doubt, use common sense." But the rule was so clearly written that it didn't give me a room
    for using my own common sense.

    Can anybody persuade the creator into taking down the game from peer-review for herself?

    Or shall we make a new Not So Evil Checklist for Handling Multiple Languages so that we can treat
    at least button names as exceptions?

    (EDIT: Dec. 14; The game seems to have been rejected. Reviewers (and/or) the creator, thank you
    for cooperation)
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