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XNB converter tool

Last post 10/20/2008 3:39 PM by Teapot-Studio. 0 replies.
  • 10/20/2008 3:39 PM

    XNB converter tool

    Hi everyone!

    Like most of you, I had to play a lot with XNB files. And like most of view, one of my first try was to load and display XNB assets. Then, a friend of mine helped me for 3D models, but he wasn't so keen on visual studio (to be more flexible, I made him compiling his models himself).

    So my little viewer slowly became a compiler to help him with this "compiling" stuff... and then I tried to add simples function every game dev require, like screen capture, or texture resizing, or even XML editing (I also asked him to help me with the level design, but he seemed to get an allergy to XML, and my levels were XML based).

    So it became a tool I thought is worth sharing with others.

    GXView is still an early beta version, but i'll greatly appreciate any feedback, and I hope it can be of any use for other than us:-)

     Existing features:

    • Images to XNB, XNB to images
    • FBX/X to XNB
    • image resize, region selection, 90° rotations.
    • simple screen capture
    • simple XML editor

     Soon (I hope) :

    • Shader compiling and previewing
    • simple highmap editor
    • video capture
    • Hexadecimal editor
    Check it out here.



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