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Game Studio 3.0 CTP/Zune Game Development FAQ

Last post 2/20/2008 2:38 PM by David Weller. 0 replies.
  • 2/20/2008 2:38 PM

    Game Studio 3.0 CTP/Zune Game Development FAQ

    Non-Zune-related FAQs


    Q: I found a bug, what do I do?

    A: Please post any bugs you find to the XNA Game Studio Connect website.  This site allows you to search for similar bugs as well as suggest new features for the product.


    Q: Which versions of Visual Studio are supported?

    A: Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition and higher (C# language support must be installed), plus Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.


    Q: Can I use Visual Studio 2005 with XNA Game Studio 3.0?

    A: Visual Studio 2005 SKUs are not supported with XNA Game Studio 3.0 and beyond.  However, you do not need to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 or XNA Game Studio 2.0, as those products will work side-by-side with Visual Studio 2008 and XNA Game Studio 3.0.


    Q: Can I used the new C# 3.0 features with XNA Game Studio 3.0

    A: The new C# 3.0 language features are fully available for Windows in the CTP release.  For Zune and the Xbox 360, they are planned to be supported in the final release of XNA Game Studio 3.0.


    Q: What does “Simplified Sound Efffects” mean for XNA Game Studio 3.0?

    A: Since the XACT audio engine isn’t available on Zune, we modified the content pipeline to take a number of audio formats and convert them to single sound effects that the game can just fire and forget, using a new simplified sound API. 


    Q: Does the CTP work for 64-bit mode?

    A: This CTP doesn't work in 64 bit yet.  We plan to support it before RTM.


    Zune-related FAQs


    Q: Will this feature only work on newer Zune devices?

    A: XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP currently will support Zune 4/8, Zune 30, and Zune 80 devices. 


    Q: Can I build ccgame files to share my Zune game with my friends?

    A: The XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP will not support sharing CCGame files with other users.


    Q: Can I transmit the game to another Zune device wirelessly?

    A: No, you must deploy the game to your Zune through your device connection on your PC, using XNA Game Studio 3.0 to deploy.


    Q: How does the wireless support work?

    A: The Zune device can support multiple Zunes that have wireless turned on and are within range of each other.  If all the Zunes have the game deployed, and the game is written to work in a multiplayer mode, you can join in and play games with other Zunes.


    Q: Can we talk to a webserver or an RSS-feed through the wireless connection?

    A: The Zune wireless connection has no internet support.  It only enables you to play games with other nearby Zunes, along with other standard Zune features (i.e., music sharing, etc.)


    Q: Do I need an XNA Creators Club subscription to deploy the game?

    A: No subscription is required to deploy the Zune game from your PC.


    Q: Are there any limitations on how I can use the music that’s stored on the Zune

    A: DRM-licensed music cannot be played; otherwise you have full access to the music and pictures stored on the Zune.


    Q: You mention the Zune will be supported in XNA Game Studio 3.0, what else is supported in XNA Game Studio 3.0?

    A: We have not announced any other features for XNA Game Studio 3.0 at this time.


    Q: Will XNA Game Studio 3.0 work with Visual Studio 2008?

    A: Yes, XNA Game Studio 3.0 will only work with Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition and higher, plus Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.  Visual Studio 2005 SKUs will not be supported for XNA Game Studio 3.0 and beyond, but will not interfere with XNA Game Studio 3.0 development.


    Q: What are the input differences between the Zune 30 and newer Zune devices?

    A: The newer Zunes have the new Zune Pad input device which allows users to navigate the Zune interface with touch. The Zune 30 devices only have the capability for button presses.  When designing your game, you should make sure that it works with both types of input devices.


    Q: What graphic capabilities do I have on Zune?

    A: The Zune supports 2D graphics through the XNA Framework SpriteBatch API’s.  Rendertargets and the ability to directly set pixel data to textures enables developers to be creative with their Zune games. 3D API’s and capabilities are not supported on Zune.


    Q: How much memory is available for Zune games?

    A: Games on Zune are allowed up to 16Mb for code and content.


    Q: Does the Zune support Xbox LIVE?

    A: No, the Zune doesn’t connect to Xbox LIVE.  All networking takes place over a local ad-hoc wi-fi network.  However, the networking APIs are similar to what is available in XNA Game Studio 2.0.


    Q: Will Zune games be able to store XML save data?

    A: Yes, the same System.Xml.dll assembly that is available on Xbox 360 is available on Zune.  Likewise, Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Storage is fully supported for save game containers.


    Q: When will the Zune be supported in my country?

    A: The XNA Game Studio team has no information about the Zune team’s future release plans.  Please visit the Zune team’s Press release page ( for more information.


    Q: Can the Zune play games in landscape mode?

    A: Definitely, but the process isn’t automatic – you must manually switch the rendering view appropriately.




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