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HOWTO: Advanced forum use and Q&A

Last post 3/26/2007 4:46 PM by David Weller. 0 replies.
  • 3/26/2007 4:46 PM

    HOWTO: Advanced forum use and Q&A

    Where can I ask questions about the forums and how to use them?
    There is no official place but reply to this thread and if its FAQ worthy we will roll it into this post.

    How can I read topics that are unread  (note that this is based on your login)

    How can I 'mark all as read' to reset those?
    You can't..... vote for this bug if you want to see it changed.
    You can choose a date range for new posts at the top of the unread screen but that feature doesn't allow you to save the URL since its a postback. Vote for this bug if you want to see that changed.

    How can I see all my threads?

    How can I see all of '{users}' posts?
    Make a copy of the user name, goto 'More Search Options' and enter the name in the 'Written by' field
    or click the post count number underneath any name on any post.

    Can you please add a forum for XXXXXXXXXX

    Its not likely.... here's some that have been asked for without success
    {Off Topic} - Microsoft prefer to keep the forums on topic - there are plenty of off topic places (Channel 9, lounge)
    {Shaders} - It was felt that most shader problems are not shader specific, they involve the calling parameters and setup. So we chose to leave shaders in the XNAFX and the C++ forums.

    Adding Images to your posts

    Adding code to your posts

    How do I add URLs to my signature?
    Go to the forums options page (from your profile)
    Type in HTML in your signature. e.g. <a href="">My Home Page</a>

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