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NVPerfHUD 5.1 + sample

Last post 11/3/2007 4:56 PM by ajmiles. 0 replies.
  • 11/3/2007 4:56 PM

    NVPerfHUD 5.1 + sample

    For anyone that didn't notice 5.1 is out, or that hasn't used NVPerfHUD before, it finally has XNA support. 5.0 somehow managed to support MDX but not XNA, so thats now fixed. I've made a quick sample that demonstrates how to modify the device parameters to "handshake" with NVPerfHUD, nothing too tricky.

    The sample demonstrates three ways in which it's possible to get your games bottlenecked; a) being draw call bound, b) being pixel shader bound, c) being vertex shader bound. When run inside NVPerfHUD its possible to see how the graphs / profiler show you whats wrong in each of these cases (and others) and so hopefully stop everyone "optimising" their foreach loops before what really matters.

    Making a simple sample vertex and pixel shader bound is a little trickier than you might think, so the shaders themselves, as you'll see, are cheating a little by just repeatedly doing some arbitrary math to slow everything down. Obviously in reality you might have all different sorts of lighting and mapping in its place, but it seemed a little silly to do that when the idea is to demonstrate NVPerfHUD.

    Unfortunately it is Nvidia cards only, and if you want all the shiny graphs and frame profiler data there's a special instrumented driver you'll need to install. But once its done, just drag your executable on top of NVPerfHUD's and away you go. It really is a very useful application and it isn't just for optimising code either, its a wonderful debugging too. Being able to step through draw calls one by one, with a visualisation of any geometry drawn is invaluable when things start going wrong.

    Hope it comes in useful: NVPerfHUD Sample , any queries and I'll try and help.

    Nvidia NVPerfHUD Website

    Adam Miles


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