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Where can I find or upload XNA games?

Last post 7/18/2007 12:19 PM by SwampThingTom. 0 replies.
  • 7/18/2007 12:19 PM

    Where can I find or upload XNA games?

    With more XNA games becoming available on a regular basis, a number of resources are being made available to showcase those games.  These help connect people looking for XNA games, either to play or for source code to understand how certain types of games work, with developers who want to share and promote their games.  This FAQ post is intended to help both groups find these resources.

    If you know of any other sites that list, promote, and/or showcase XNA games, please reply to this thread with a link.  If the site is appropriate, the link will be added to this post.

    XNA Game Showcase Websites

    These are sites that let developers promote their XNA games.  They provide a way for a developer to add their game to the site, with a description of the game and a link to use for downloading the game.  Some provide server space for hosting the game on the site, others just allow developers the ability to link to the game's installer on another server.  Some allow for community interaction by letting users comment and/or rate games.

    • Game Projects
      Originally created for sharing only XNA projects, this has opened up to allow sharing of hobbyist / indy software game projects for any platform.  Projects range from demos through finished products.  Hosts both source and binary projects.  Lets developers upload their projects to the site, or to link to external websites for the downloads.  Also allows uploading of screenshots and a video.  Users can rate projects as well as provide comments.
    • XNA Projects
      Created by Benjamin Nitschke, author of "Professional XNA Game Programming" as well as Rocket Commander, Dungeon Quest, and the XNA Racing Game starter kit.  Lets developers promote their games with a description, link to an installer, link to source code, screenshots, video, and information about the game and developer.  No community interaction.

    XNA Game Lists

    These are sites that list a set of related XNA games, such as those created for a contest or workshop.  Not all games listed are necessarily available for download.

    Community Game Lists

    A number of XNA community blogs and websites provide information and links to XNA games as they become available.  Rather than repeating those here, please refer to the Where can I find community information about XNA GSE? FAQ.


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