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How do I post an image in the forum?

Last post 7/13/2007 12:18 PM by The ZMan. 0 replies.
  • 7/13/2007 12:18 PM

    How do I post an image in the forum?

    The updated forums do NOT have an insert image feature. For now you will have to go into HTML view and add the IMG tag yourself or use the nasty 'hack' detailed below. Yes I know its crazy... Don't worry - instead of this useful feature you got Paste from word which will create such a great mess of HTML the mods will spend a week trying to sort it out!


    1. Upload your image to either:
      • An image hosting service (preferred because the image is more permanent)
      • Your personal website
    2. Click the 'Insert Image' button  in the editor toolbar and enter the URL of the image you uploaded
      Click the Template Manager button Right-click and select 'Set Image Properties'and choose the insert image template and press OK. Then right click on the image and choose Set Image Properties. Fill in the dialog and make sure you insert height and width becuase apparantly doing it automatically was a bit too much! Or go to the HTML and type in <IMG SRC="{your url}" /> and be done with it!


    • If your image is very big then it won't show properly in the forums. So make it a decent size and/or provide a link to the original.
    • You can't use a local URL on your hard drive because other people can't see that. You are not actually uploading an image to these forums you are just giving us a URL that we put in the HTML for the browser to fetch so make sure the URL works by typing it into your browser.
    • Free image hosting we have seen used:
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