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3D Realisitic planets

Last post 8/1/2017 2:56 AM by yobi3d. 229 replies.
  • 11/20/2012 1:00 AM In reply to

    Re: 3D Realisitic planets

    It's still stainless 's work, applying the xna 3.1 to 4.0 conversion cheat sheet doesn't deserve lots of credit - especially when the result is broken :)
    Hey, I didn't say I'd give you all the credit ^^
    But nonetheless, there should be credit where credit is due. Lots of people have been asking for a conversion of this series, some have tried and none to the best of my knowledge made it as far as a broken-but-still-functioning part I. Actually, there was even some discussion over whether it was working on all circumstances with XNA 3.0/3.1.
    Buy you can host the part1 zip no problem.
    Thanks :)
    Note the way I ported renderTarget use is very crappy , this part should be be rewritten the 4.0 way (getting rid of stainless's 3.1 renderState helper seems a good idea)
    There will be some improvement to make, but it's a good start. And especially a good reason for me to deep back into XNA dev. :)
    I hope we can lure back stainless in here, if he didn't switch to c++ / ogre3d  or something ...
    Let's have a good head start and I'm sure (hoping) he's going to come along, if not out of curiosity. ;)

    Also note that there will be some modifying-the-article work to do once we get the code right.
  • 11/20/2012 4:18 AM In reply to

    Re: 3D Realisitic planets

    Gotcha !

    For the full tutorial, I had created the noise texture (PermTex) with mipmaps by mistake ! 

    BAD : PermTex = new Texture2D(graf, 256, 256, true, SurfaceFormat.Vector4);
    GOOD : PermTex = new Texture2D(graf, 256, 256, false, SurfaceFormat.Vector4); 

    Now I need some encouragements to post the converted final tutorial :) 
  • 12/24/2012 9:27 PM In reply to

    Re: 3D Realisitic planets

    Hi Enomi, I'm definitely looking forward to the new tutorials and samples.
  • 2/2/2016 10:05 AM In reply to

    Re: 3D Realisitic planets

    Good thoughts!

    3d modeling services
  • 8/1/2017 2:56 AM In reply to

    Re: 3D Realisitic planets

    Try this

    There are some high quality models that you can reference from.  There's a search filter to select the number of polygons and whether or not you want to have texture.
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