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Forum posting rules aka. Why did my post get deleted or locked

Last post 3/3/2007 10:42 AM by David Weller. 0 replies.
  • 3/3/2007 10:42 AM

    Forum posting rules aka. Why did my post get deleted or locked

    The sad truth is that we find we occasionally have to delete posts on forums.  When you visit App Hub, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct, found at the bottom of every page on this site.  


    In addition based on common sense and common things that we have seen over the years we offer this list of 'offenses' which will most likley cause a deleted or lock. Repeated abuses can result in a forums ban.

    1. Off Topic. If the question is completely irrelevant to game development, it will either be deleted or moved to the off topic folder. If it was on topic but in posted in the wrong place, a moderator will probably move it.  
      This are the most common 'off topic posts' we (re)move - if it should be in another forum we wont move to Off Topic. 
      1. Questions about non-Microsoft technology.
      2. Problems related to your graphics card driver or a commercial game that's not working.  Please take your issues to Microsoft tech support, the GPU vendor or game company.
      3. Rock Band network questions are handled on 
      4. Windows Mobile 6.5 is handled in a different forum
      5. Pure c# or VS questions - you might get an answer here but if its not game related the c# and VS forums are a MUCH better place with better qualified experts. If its even slightly game related then we''ll leave it here.
    2. Illegal usage of intellectual property.  Microsoft takes intellectual property rights very seriously.  If you post a game/image/source that uses unauthorized intellectual property, we will delete it immediately.  This includes technologies that are clearly intended to enable unauthorized use of intellectual property, such as game console emulators. In addition, Microsoft will fully cooperate with any agencies that pursue claims regarding intellectual property posted on these forums.  Please respect the work of others.  If in doubt, don't post it.  If you do post something that might be suspicious, and you have legitimate license for the IP, please clearly indicate that in your post.
    3. Lazy posts.  These forums aren't a place to get other people to do your initial work for you.  If your question clearly indicates that you failed to search for an answer before posting (i.e., not looking at FAQ or searching the forum, asking "How do I write games?"), you will be summarily deleted, and probably get Bad Karma to boot. Making new threads when there's already existing ones may end up with a lock and a link, or you may get your post merged into the thread. Please search first.
    4. Offensive posts.  We understand that people will complain about Microsoft products or services.  That's ok -- we want your feedback, but ad-hominem or profanity-laced posts will get you sent to the Land of Deleted Bits
    5. Personal attacks, confrontational posts, trolling, spam, trying to get you or your site attention/hits etc.... you get the idea. Respect other people and the time they spend in these forums helping. They are not your personal space.
    6. Large Code "snippets" that generally exceed 20 lines of code.  We don't want to see the entire source to your game or library.  It makes it difficult to read.  If you have a project to share, consider using CodePlex, your web site, the insert code button or a pastebin
    7. Cross-posting the same question on different forums.  There's a reason the system blocks you from doing this.  Gaming the system to post the same question in multiple places will just get all your identical threads deleted.  If you don't know where to ask, just say so and a moderator will help you. 
    8. Commercial posts.  Do not post threads intended to drive people to your commercial site/product/book. Do not post book or product links containing affiliate links.
      1. We do not include community sites that contain reasonable ads or affiliate links as commercial at this time.  You are welcome to discuss your product and how it can help somebody in the context of a thread, but be clear that you are referring to a commercial product. Unless you are going to give someone a free copy of your software or book don't just say "Use {xxxxxxxxx} to solve your problem". If you say "The source code from Chapter 7 of my book which can be download here will solve your problem" then we will happily leave your slightly commercial post... If others link to your product or book then thats all fine and dandy with us too and a great endorsement for you. Well unless it turns out you are encouraging them in which case we will find some 'imaginative' way to deal with it.
      2. We have a very specific exception in the help wanted forum - please read the rules for that forum 
      3. Specific named Microsoft partners may place a reasonable number of commercial posts in their own partner forums only. The partner forums are mainly for product announcements and product support and should not be purely commercial posts.
      4. We also allow you to put a simple link to your XBLIG on xbox marketplace in your signature. Please do not abuse this privilege.
    9. Bumping your posts. If people know the answer you will get one - these are busy forums. If they don't you won't. Remember the forums are staffed by unpaid volunteers for the most part and even though your issue is of paramount importance to you you need to have some patience. Imagine the chaos if everybody thought they were as important as you? If you don't get an answer then maybe your question is too specialist, too vague or too open. Try adding a post about all the things you tried while you have been waiting or clarifying the question. However 'Bump' (or whatever phrase you used to do it) just says "My post is more important than all of the rest and I demand somebody help me now"... dont be surprised if it gets removed or locked. Repeated Bumping will get the whole thread removed and possibly a ban.
    10. Legal questions. See the "Legal Questions FAQ"


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