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How to Ask A Question so that it's not Ignored or Deleted

Last post 3/11/2009 11:01 PM by EZ Soft Inc.. 1 replies.
  • 3/3/2007 10:23 AM

    How to Ask A Question so that it's not Ignored or Deleted

    Here are a few suggestions that make it sure you get the best answer to your question as quickly as possible:
    1. Search for your question on the forums first -- it's likely someone may have already answered your question, and you won't have to waste time waiting for it to be answered again.  In addition, moderators may delete questions that have already been asked in order to keep the "noise" down on the forums.
    2. Post in the correct forum -- since the experts in various subject matters tend to stick to the set of forums that focus on those topics, a question about XACT problems posted in the Game Studio Express forum will likely take a lot longer to be answered than the same question in the Audio/XACT forum.
    3. Make sure your title summarizes the specific problem you have --  since we try to answer the maximum number of questions we can with our time, we often skim through question subjects to quickly find the ones that we know the answers to.  A question with a title of "Urgent! Help needed!" is not as likely to get answered as a question with a title of "How do I rotate a mesh?".  A more specific, detailed title is far more likely to get a response than a general one. 
    4. Give details about your problem --  rather than "When I launch the game I get an exception, please help", provide the exception type, message, and call stack.  If possible provide a succinct code snippet that demonstrates the problem.  In addition, be sure to tell people what operating system you're using, what graphics hardware you have, and what version of software you are using.  This lets us reproduce the problem on our end, and allows us to come up with an answer where just a general question may not have had enough details.  Having this information means we can answer your question more quickly, without having to ask you for these details and wait for your response.
    5. Report bugs through the Feedback link, instead of on the forums -- this allows us to assign a bug in our tracking system and and get them assigned to the correct person.  However, if you're not sure something is a bug, feel free to discuss it on the forums.
    6. Be friendly.  Don't post questions that appear to have a demanding or urgent tone to the words.  Remember, your emergency or frustration isn't likely to be shared by others.
  • 3/11/2009 11:01 PM In reply to

    Re: How to Ask A Question so that it's not Ignored or Deleted

    One of my biggest forum pet peeves is when people don't respond back to the forum that their problem has been fixed, by whom or especially, HOW! People should post their solutions back to the forums. Otherwise it negates a lot of what number 1 hopes to solve.
    Basically either 1) Respond to the person who solved it, with clear examples of how, with a 'thanks so and so, that solved it' or 2) If you figured it out on your own or someone posted a suggestion, put the final solution, as complete as possible back on the thread.

    I would love to see this in there :). Feel free to delete this so it doesn't appear in your FAQ.
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