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ALL DEVS - Game Codes Status! Important!

Last post 7/30/2017 7:35 AM by ElvishJumpSuit. 1 replies.
  • 7/28/2017 3:40 AM

    ALL DEVS - Game Codes Status! Important!

    I received a message from the famous (or infamous depending on your games that she reviewed :D) Indie Gamer Chick that game codes are being deactivated and will no longer be valid. She has requested that any dev with unused codes send them to her for a last blow out giveaway. Don't let them go to waste. This is the last chance to show the community what XBLIG was. Reach out to her at her Twitter account -

  • 7/30/2017 7:35 AM In reply to

    Re: ALL DEVS - Game Codes Status! Important!

    And there was me thinking that the last month might see a 'rush' of sales, as people try to purchase before the door closes ;-)
    I see where you are coming from Jim, but that would devalue the work involved in making those games, and probably kill the last month of sales.

    Dev's could always just start giving them away in their YouTube comments (beside your own game trailer or a video promoting xblig).
    That way you can get people who actually looked at your game first.
    I have given away codes, only to find that many did not even get used (you then have to go through each of them manually on, using the redeem option to find out which ones are still active)

    TheXBLIG website review games and do code giveaways, and I have given them games in the past.
    The Splazer Productions YouTube channel posted loads of gameplay videos (perhaps we owe them more than Indie Gamer Chick)

    The codes are not going to waste, and were never issued with this purpose in mind.
    Anyone can pick up the games and try them for free.

    I have always been happy to give codes to anyone who is going to do something in return (run a competition, do a review etc.)
    I am also happy to exchange codes with other devs here.

    We could get together and give the codes away at one single location, where we could showcase XBLIG and be in control of what happens to them.

    There are plenty of options that don't involve shovelling them over to Indie Gamer Chick.
    She can certainly have 'a few' of mine if she wants them.

    I would rather have Microsoft give them away to people who are actively still using their Gold account.
    The Games for Gold is a good example of such a giveaway.
    At least then there would be some kind of promotion of the content.

    In any case, there probably aren't enough people passing through here to make anything useful happen at this late stage.

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