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Async Texture Upload

Last post 2/27/2017 11:01 AM by vaahlawa. 2 replies.
  • 1/30/2017 5:46 AM

    Async Texture Upload

    Hi all,
    I want to upload textures on secondary threads and then render on primary thread.
    Please suggest how it can be achieved in DirectX-9 and DirectX-11.
  • 2/3/2017 4:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Async Texture Upload


    Are you looking to accomplish this using the XNA or MonoGame framework?

  • 2/27/2017 11:01 AM In reply to

    Re: Async Texture Upload

    Hi Brett,

    Right now not doing with any framework.. just learning DirectX programming. I already have basic knowledge about OpenGL, but directX seems to be a lot different from this. My queries are: 1) Does usage of D3DCREATE_MULTITHREADED in D3D9 provide true asynchronous nature while creating and uploading the texture? 2) For D3D11, it is mentioned that by default it is multi threaded, how do we make sure that this is true asynchronous as it can be made single threaded with a performance improvement as per its specs. ? 3) If (1) says that using D3DCREATE_MULTITHREADED flag, we cannot achieve true asynchronous nature, could you suggest any approach as how can we achieve performance gain in texture uploads?


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