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Pixabay (free images?)

Last post 1/16/2016 3:03 AM by The ZMan. 1 replies.
  • 1/11/2016 12:08 PM

    Pixabay (free images?)

    Hi folks

    I was wondering if any of you had experience of this site or had used their content in your work.
    They seem to be offering free commercial access to quality images that they have "confirmed" as far as possible that they are in the Public Domain.
    Or that they have been shared by their owners as such.

    It looks too good to be true and that usually spells trouble.

    Maybe I'm just too cynical...


  • 1/16/2016 3:03 AM In reply to

    Re: Pixabay (free images?)

    Yes I agree.. unless they have a link to an original source with an original license you cant believe anything...

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