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MS OAuth and Xbox Live

Last post 8/18/2016 2:55 AM by The ZMan. 3 replies.
  • 12/1/2015 11:25 PM

    MS OAuth and Xbox Live

    Hi everyone!

    So I am not sure if anyone else has ever tried this or if towards the end additional authorization is needed - but, I am trying to use the Xboxlive.signin Xboxlive.offline_access scope for Microsoft OAuth and it works. My app seems to have permission however I do not know any endpoints to get additional information like their GamerTag or friends list. 

    I attached what the consent page for the app looks like. They sound like decent scopes and from what I can conclude the "xbox api" so to speak is somewhat open but not documented. If this is the case it would be cool to know what endpoint to use with the access token generated on login to get the GamerTag and friends list. I know a few partner sites use this but they are partners so I again assume their Client ID has special access to certain scopes. 

    Any help would be appreciated. I may very well be looking into something that leads nowhere but hopefully that is not the case.

  • 3/31/2016 11:22 PM In reply to

    Re: MS OAuth and Xbox Live

    Hey David, did u get the endpoint? I'm searching too ):
  • 8/17/2016 2:56 PM In reply to

    Re: MS OAuth and Xbox Live

    I too are very interested in allowing my members to sign in using Microsoft Oauth but I can't get the xbox scopes whitelisted.

    No idea who to contact and Microsoft customer service hardly have any idea what msdn is in the first place.

    I reached out to the creator of and he was unwilling to assist in anyway without me providing a large amount of money over (which I politely declined).

    I do however have access to the xbox api without the use of his service.

    Any assistance from Microsoft or the community would be highly appreciated.
  • 8/18/2016 2:55 AM In reply to

    Re: MS OAuth and Xbox Live

    1. These forums were to support XNA.. I dont think anyone here knows about how to use OAuth
    2. These forums are mostly dead... the handful of people left are just shipping the final few XBLIG

    Most things to do with xbox auth would likely have to come through a partner program e.g. these are the current developer programs

    There used to be a partner program for but I think it has been discontinued - you can try in the forum for that information

    and of course OAuth docs are here - that should work for all MSA accounts I am not sure of what you need to be whitelisted for.

    Sorry we cant be more help

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