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Unity & XBOX 360

Last post 2/7/2015 1:21 AM by The ZMan. 1 replies.
  • 2/6/2015 3:26 PM

    Unity & XBOX 360

    Does anyone use Unity to publish game to XBOX 360? Where do you find addon to build and publish game to XBOX 360? Unity wanted me to contact Microsoft.
  • 2/7/2015 1:21 AM In reply to

    Re: Unity & XBOX 360

    Yes there is an exporter but Unity will only sell it to a licensed Xbox 360 developer. If you are already licensed your account manager can connect you with the right people.

    If you are not licensed then there is no way to self publish a Unity game on Xbox 360 - you will need to convince Microsoft or some other publisher. Microsoft can be contacted here 
    "If you would like to discuss Xbox publishing opportunities with Microsoft Studios, please contact us at: 
    · Retail Business Development: 
    · Digital Business Development:"

    Other publishers you will have to look for. Its not an easy process but if you already have a popular game then you may be able to convince someone to publish it for you. 

    You didn't ask about Xbox One but the indie developer process on there is much easier to deal with and Unity Exporter is free once you are accepted see - however it is still a curated market. Its not open to everyone

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