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Can we Change Animation at run Time using DirectX ?

Last post 11/3/2014 4:31 AM by Tarh Ik. 1 replies.
  • 10/30/2014 7:09 AM

    Can we Change Animation at run Time using DirectX ?

    Hello Friends
    I am new to Direct3D.
    I am implementing an application in which one of module I am loading .x File with Animation.
    But that animation can't be static and can't be load everytime as .x Format.

    Animation will keep on changing and m having its Vertex data for every new animation.
    So, I want to know that Can we Change or Update a single animation with my own vertex data using Direct3D ?

    Any Help will be Appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards
  • 11/3/2014 4:31 AM In reply to

    Re: Can we Change Animation at run Time using DirectX ?

    Hi Yos,

         Well, one thing is your animation, and another thing is your vertex data.
     * The vertex data is the collection of dots in space that form your mesh. The triangles created using these vertices (also known as "faces" or "indexes") will create your 3D model. All vertices are linked to one "bone" (also known as "frames"). All this information is usually static.
     * The animation, on the other hand, is the collection of matrixes that will be applied to your model's "bones". In that way, as "bones" are affected by matrixes as dictated by your animation, the whole 3D model changes and moves.

         That said, although there is a way to change vertex data at run-time with your own information, this is not very efficient because the buffer that hosts all your vertex data that will eventually be loaded to the GPU, will need to change. Instead, it is best to just modify the matrixes that affects the model's bones. In other words, this means to create your own animation engine.

         Now, creating your own animation engine (being DirectX9, DirectX11 or even XNA) is a very cool thing to do, however it is going to be a lot of work. It is something doable, yes, and it is not difficult, BUT you may need to spend quite a lot of time researching about animation techniques. If you are looking for results rather than development, perhaps would be more practical to get a third-party solution that may fit your needs.

         I hope it helps!!!

         Best Regards,

         Tarh Ik
    PS: This posting has been posted "AS IS"
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