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Future of xblig on 360 in the next gen

Last post 12/14/2013 7:31 PM by Aztecgames. 2 replies.
  • 12/14/2013 6:16 PM

    Future of xblig on 360 in the next gen

    With the new generation of systems being released and membership renewal for me next month, what exactly is the future of xbligs?

    I know the 360 install base is huge and people will continue to use their 360's for quite some time before making the jump to a next gen system.
    However, will business continue as usual for us, or is there a cut off date for 360 and indie games support coming soon?

    I have several titles I would like to finish and publish, but don't want to renew my membership if the whole thing is going to just be cut off soon.
  • 12/14/2013 7:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Future of xblig on 360 in the next gen

    Nothing has been announced (or rumored or hinted at) about what will happen to XBLIG.

    Does that mean they won't eventually end the XBLIG service? No. Just the same as they eventually phased out the original Xbox LIVE servers for the 1st gen Xbox, it's likely they will eventually phase out things related to Xbox 360. But suddenly closing XBLIG would be a big PR mistake. I imagine and hope that the service would be slowly phased out (with the first step being to announce a cutoff date for new games sometime half a year or more after the announcement; the same kind of thing they did when switching from XNA 3.1 to 4.0, etc.). I'd expect games to continue to be available on the service for a long while after that, since the costs of storage and bandwidth are fairly trivial for a company the size of Microsoft. Eventually they would go away, but I imagine that's several years from now. But that's just a guess on my part. I don't have any special knowledge of any of it.

    Right now there's no announcements. Beyond that, nobody knows anything so you just need to do what you're comfortable doing. I doubt it'd be a good idea to start on a game that'll take 4 years to make, but it's your decision how much risk you think there is and how comfortable you are with it.
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    Re: Future of xblig on 360 in the next gen

    Thanks for the response.
    I am hoping it would go that way, and in fact I have noticed an increase in sales since the release of the next gen councels. Suppose I will renew, because I have one game almost complete and a few more that should be finished inside a couple months or so.

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