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Please try our Trino Beta Release!

Last post 4/28/2008 1:35 AM by tep360. 3 replies.
  • 4/23/2008 3:12 PM

    Please try our Trino Beta Release!

    Hi guys,

    Here's our first game demo. We are group of six students and we have been developing this game for 14 weeks. Currently, the game is playable and we have six levels in the beta version. We'd love to hear what you guys say about the game.

    Download it from

    -- team ProjeX

  • 4/24/2008 10:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Please try our Trino Beta Release!

    Pretty nice job so far. Only played to level 2. It was tough to tell but it looked like the collision detection might have been off a bit between the player and enemies. I'll have to try to play it and record.
  • 4/27/2008 7:54 AM In reply to

    Re: Please try our Trino Beta Release!

    Cool game!  I like the visuals and special effects, everything's presented really nicely.

    Knowing where you need to move to trap the beasties takes a bit of getting used to.  I found the enemies that came and destroyed the points I'd laid down really hard to beat which put me off by about level 3.  I think it could make a pretty fun game and is just the sort thing I could imagine on XBLA but the gameplay and difficulty curve needs a bit more work.




  • 4/28/2008 1:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Please try our Trino Beta Release!

    Thanks Machiara and David Johnston for playing trino and giving comments! We really appreciate you taking the time to try our game :) We are still adjusting the difficulty on each levels. Based on playtesting that we did,  we found that most people went only to level 3 or level 4.

    David, many people also hate that point eater ;) and some people were scared by its look/animation. There are more enemies on the next levels.. You can always check our blog on trino updates! :)

    If there are more feedbacks from you guys or others, we welcome them :)

    -- ProjeX

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