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Anyone selling games in the Microsoft Store for Win 8?

Last post 4/28/2013 6:53 AM by thelostone. 2 replies.
  • 1/30/2013 8:46 AM

    Anyone selling games in the Microsoft Store for Win 8?

    I've seen that using monogame, you can now port XNA games to Windows 8 metro (if I understand correctly). Has anyone here done this, and what has your experience with the Microsoft Store been like? And would you be willing to share sales numbers? Maybe even a sales comparison that would coincide with an xbox indie release of the same game? I've been searching all over to find any kind of sales figures and haven't found anything. From the lack of chatter about the subject matter, seems like so far it isn't worth the effort to port.
  • 2/25/2013 2:16 PM In reply to

    Re: Anyone selling games in the Microsoft Store for Win 8?

    I'm also really interested in knowing how the Windows Store is working out for indie games, in particular:

    - what is visibility like compared to XBLIG (note I haven't installed Win8 yet so I can't browse the lists to find out)
    - what is the average number of new game releases a day (or how quickly your game disappears)
    - what volume of downloads and what conversion ratios are people getting, etc.

    So far I have only found a couple of related stories and the numbers seem terrible, but surely there must have been some successes so far?

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    Re: Anyone selling games in the Microsoft Store for Win 8?

    I own a windows 8 ASUS laptop with a touchscreen.  From browsing the app store, it doesn't look very indie friendly:

    -When sorting games by "new releases" the majority of titles have no user reviews.  Its obvious that there is not a lot of traffic in that section.

    -Sorting by top reviews is broken.  There are many titles with one 5 star review.  It should be weighted by the volume of reviews as well, because someone could easily review their own game as 5 stars.

    -Searching isn't all that great.  There was an article on it, for example searching for "dating app" will give a list of calender apps.  I'm not knocking MS here, because most app stores are just as bad in terms of relevant searches.

    -They have a sort by "most relevant" that has mostly titles from larger devs/publishers.

    XBLIG before they changed to the metro gui was about the best it could ever be.  It was possible to have 1500+ trials a day from new releases and climb up the top downloads list  (one of my games on XBLIG had over 5000 trials in 3 days just from new releases).  Then the best converting/top reviewed games like IMAGWZII  could sell well over a long period of time.

    I think the win 8 app store is falling right in line with all other app stores:  Interest in your game will be driven by other marketing activities and positive reviews on popular websites.  But... I guess I could be totally wrong, that's just my opinion having browsed the store.  Its a good conversation to have if other devs have some data to share with us. 


    Looks like they do feature some apps where an indie game might slip in:

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