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    I have to write a milestone payment schedule for a class which is a spreadsheet consisting of payments from the investor to the game company in a production of a game.

    Let's say my company was making a 2D sidescrolling game for the Windows platform, what would be a realistic amount an investor would invest? 

    half a million? 200 thousand? What's the average for 2D games?

    We don't need to completely accurate with this, but just realistic.

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    Re: Question??

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    You need to plot out what you need to start with. You need art. Music. Sound effects. Coding (graphics, physics, UI, audio, network(?), cut scenes(?), etc.). Story/game design. Voice acting(?). etc.

    How are you going to get these? Will you hire people? Will you have contractors? A mix (most likely)?

    For a good idea of what all might be involved, see: .

    Without knowing more about the game, it's hard to say. But remember that people need to eat. They need to pay bills (rent/mortgage, utilities, clothes, car payments/bus passes/subway fares, etc.). You need to pay bills (will there be an office? will you rent computers? desks? chairs? other equipment? buy things outright?). You will eventually need marketing. It's a good idea to try to attend shows like PAX.

    Some of the numbers change from market to market (will you be in Kansas City or New York City?). Mostly it's something you learn by doing (and by asking friends and colleagues who have done it). But if you calculate out the number of people and how much each of those people likely expects to earn a year (and how much they need to get by if they're going to share in the profits and are willing to do a deal based on that) then divide that by the period you're talking about, sum it all up and you'll start getting close since people are the greatest resource you need. Add in some money for expenses and equipment you don't have. At that point you'll be on the right track.
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    Re: Question??

    Thanks a lot for the help. I really appreciated it.
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