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Need Advice

Last post 1/30/2013 8:35 AM by Sharks Arcade. 1 replies.
  • 9/4/2012 5:17 PM

    Need Advice

    Hello Everyone, I'll keep this short. I made like 75% of a game in the last few days and i'm very proud of how it looks:D. It's 2D and for PC, Windows only... Now, this is my first real XNA thing and i dunno what to do with it, how to publish it, where, for what.. Can anyone help me?

    P.S. I'm sorry if it wasn't posted on the correct forum
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    Re: Need Advice

    Start here if you don't have a clue how to package up your game to distribute on pc-

    As for the steps after that...
    Trying not to be too harsh, but with the way you make it sound, its probably best to just to give it away for free. Let your friends play it. Get feedback. Question what you did right in the process, what you did wrong, and what can improve. The important part is to finish it. You can take a bit of pride in that, as many first timers don't even get to that point. Chances are whatever you do next will be considerably better because of what you've learned from your first game.

    If you think I missed the mark on that and you feel your game is marketable, then feel free to submit to an online download store. There are several out there. Steam will first come to mind, but thats extremely difficult for an unknown indie developer to get on. You'll need a good following and/or an extremely polished game that can match up to the likes of something like Bastion, Binding of Issac, Terraria, or other similar indie games they sell there.
    You also could try other indie stores that would be more ideal for a first time developer. Check out this list that pixel prospector has. Several of those they list would consider publishing games made with XNA for PC. You can also try indie city (started by an xna developer. read more in this thread). And if you feel inclined and capable, you can sell your game from your own website.

    This article on the site here also has some good advice if you're looking to publish something even if it is focused on xbox indies.

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