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Sunburn phone project (fps idea starter help)

Last post 2/29/2012 10:40 PM by jeffery carlson. 2 replies.
  • 2/27/2012 6:28 PM

    Sunburn phone project (fps idea starter help)

    How do I create a sample sunburn phone project or is their one that is created on the blogs somewhere for game development?  I like the indie version of sunburn and its great the editor needs the ability to add cutscenes and ai integration and it would be perfect although I think some of the add-ins might add ai integration to sunburn.

    Im mostly wanting to see the difference between a windows phone game and windows or xbox game in code and what it can do. I have a samsung focus flash and samsung focus phones seem to be the phone that crashs some games (mostly because some developers forget to update the game and so it fails to run on some samsung phones but most games are updated to work on samsung phones) from just looking at the available ones on xbox live channel on windows phone.

    I want to know the things i should be aware if I was developing an fps for windows phone.

    Overall goal but not required for this post:
    Im wanting to develop a first person shooter in which the loadout is customized when going into battle but if possible still have some ai on the battlefield like battlefront games except if on live then I can vs the other team which includes ai and a limited amount of humans. 

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    Re: Sunburn phone project (fps idea starter help)

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    Hi Jeffery,

    Check out the SunBurn Dojo and Light Mapping examples, both are FPS samples that run on Windows, Xbox, and WP7 with the same code and assets.

    In general your game code is completely cross platform, however there are a few rendering features WP7 does not support (the Getting Started documentation has more information).

    Let me know if this helps!
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    Re: Sunburn phone project (fps idea starter help)

    Thanks I was mostly concerned about cross platform but I thought I heard on the synapse forums website that deffered rending is not supported for windows phone 7.

    I will mark answered.

    Any other samples or documentation you think I should look at before embarking on my journey just post here and thanks for your help.
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